Tuesday the 2nd of June, 2020
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Latest News

There is no Restcitions on filling New or Renovated Swimming Pools.

And remember check your Pools ph levels every 3 to 4 days.

Happy Swimming.


Swimming Pool Renovations with quality and experience

The Environment

 Because of current water restrictions that affect the Brisbane and Gold Coast Regions, we’ve developed a solution for not only government and local council concerns over water preservation, but also the environmental concerns raised by our customers.

With our current position on water restiction, there is no restiction on filling new or Renovated Pools.

Typically, swimming pool renovation involved draining your pool which meant losing thousands of litres of water. To counteract this loss, Pools Old and New has manufactured bladders that hold up to
78 000 litres of water. If your yard size permits, we pump the water from your average sized pool into a bladder, conserving it until after your swimming pool renovation is complete. Then we pump the conserved water back into your pool.

Concrete Pool Renovation, we look before we leap

Although we love to dive into a new pool renovation project, because of our many years of experience, we first provide our customers with qualified personal to be able to quote and assess your individual project.

Structural cracks

Structural cracks in your swimming pool are certainly a concern, and sometimes can create water loss {fast  notification to us can prevent excessive loss}. Most often (about 90% of the time) we find that the concrete shell of your pool remains intact and uncompromised. Structural cracks can be rectified by using engineering methods that our experinced contractors are familiar with.

Our assurance

 You can be assured that we complete every necessary repair to ensure that your swimming pool’s new interior  has the best chance for long life and colour variation!
We also provide filtration of the renovated pool and other plumbing needs.

Coping Lifts

A frequent problem with swimming pools is the appearance of a one to two-inch horizontal crack below the paving or coping surface of the pool. These cracks are commonly known as coping lifts and are not a structural problem nor are they a problem with the pebble surface of your swimming pool. A coping lift is a fairly easy and trouble-free repair. So, don’t despair!

Give us a call and we’ll come and have a look!

At Concrete Pool Renovation our innovation and expertise leave you with a beautiful new oasis that results in restoring your pleasure in your pool