Tuesday the 2nd of June, 2020
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There is no Restcitions on filling New or Renovated Swimming Pools.

And remember check your Pools ph levels every 3 to 4 days.

Happy Swimming.

Concrete Pool Renovation: Swimming Pool Repair, Renovation, Australia



BSA LICENCE: 1019126


Has Your Swimming Pool Lost Its Sparkle?

 When your swimming pool loses its shimmer, give a call to Concrete Pool Renovation and bring your pool back to life!

Cracks, chips and even regular wear and tear on the interior of your swimming pool can throw a dark cloud over your pool enjoyment. Aside from casting a smudge on your landscape...

  • A damaged or over worn pool interior increases swimming pool maintenance expenses and can allow expensive chemicals to be lost.
  • Damaged pool interiors put you, your friends, and family at risk of cuts and abrasions, making your swimming pool a less than happy place to spend your leisure time.

Concrete Pool Renovation is skilled in the renovation of swimming pools, based in Alderley and the Sunny Sunshine Coast QLD Australia. Concrete Pool Renovation  covers the Gold Coast  through to Noosa and the surrounding Hinterlands, as well as Mackay through to Townsville, including the Whitsundays and the Islands. More than just a temporary band-aid for your pool, Tony And Leesa Fischer apply their 25 years of experience in expert pool restoration and swimming pool interior work also providing solutions to swimming pool builders and the home owner.

Specialists in swimming pool interiors & renovations, we offer all pebble applications including quartzon, beardcrete and marble just to name a few.  GIVE US A CALL to see whats new.

We take pride in providing trouble-free service for both builders and homeowners. Serving Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, Concrete Pool Renovation coordinates your complete pool renovation project in an environmentally friendly way and restores your pool to its former glory or a new beauty.

Browse our swimming pool gallery  to see what Concrete Pool Renovation can bring back to your pool. Then give a call to Tony and Leesa Fischer at Concrete Pool Renovation to arrange a personal consultation to define and correct your in-ground swimming pool problems.

C.P.R. Stands for Concrete Pool Renovation.
Solid Plasteres by trade, we have been in the Swimming
Pool Industry for 25 years. The way in which swimming
pool are renovated has not change much from when
the tradesman who taught us all those years ago.p2260026_400
The tools in which we use have certainly change for
the better, eletrical tools are far more accessible but
the way in which a new surface or new tiles are applied
are still the same. 
Our family has a long history in the Swimming Pool industry.
My father started in the industry in 1964 since then producing 7 tradesman all of which he taught through out there
apprenticeship and are all still
Solid Plasterers today. Our experience
in this industry is extensive whether it be from 
constuction, complete renovation,
tiling and paving repair or crack repairs
I am in no doubt that Concrete Pool Renovation
will be ableto meet your requirements to either
repair or enhance your Swimming Pool.